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Schwalbe Snow Stud (26 Inch)

Studded tire for icy conditions.

List Price: $71.99
You Save: $7.20 (10%)
Continental Spike Claw 240 Studded Tire (26 Inch)

Snow and ice tire with a whopping 240 studs embedded in the knobs! Great traction all through the winter. Well-spaced knobs won't pack up with snow.

List Price: $105.99
You Save: $12.72 (12%)
Continental Spike Claw 120 Studded Tire (26 Inch)

This snow and ice tire has 120 spikes embedded in its knobs for superior traction. Widely-spaced knobs won't pack up with snow.

Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded 26 Tire

Studded version of Schwalbe's popular touring tire provides excellent Winter traction. 26x1.75" (559 ISO). 995g.

List Price: $84.99
You Save: $15.30 (18%)
Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded 700 (622) Tire

Studded version of the Schwalbe's bombproof Marathon tire. Reliable winter traction. 700 x 35. (ISO 622x35) 833 grams.

List Price: $77.75
You Save: $8.55 (10%)
SlipNot Bicycle Traction Chains

Works just like chains for your car for excellent traction on snow and ice.

Low As
Schwalbe Ice Spiker (26 Inch)

Don't let snow and ice force you off the bike with the Ice Spiker (26 Inch) from Schwalbe.

List Price: $119.99
You Save: $12.00 (10%)
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